Organic Handles


Design an ergonomically considered handle.

Key points:

  • Organic in character
  • A delight to use
  • A visual ‘asset’

Mood Board:




When going through my clay models I managed to refine down quite quickly what I was looking for, this was made a lot easier my referring over my key features…

The handle needed to feel great in my hand, it also had to look as if the shape was nature inspired and finally the handle had to be aesthetically pleasing.

This lead too creating my foam models which all had a raw base of those three features.


After careful consideration and lots of sourced input from users I have chosen to go forth with design number four. This design looked and felt the most organic out of all my designs and was less of a ‘block’ compared to the others as was pointed out to me.

After going through final tweaks on my design I decided to stick to the look and feel of design four, but stretched it out a small bit allowing the handle design to have a more elegant nature inspired feel, this way I was making sure I was hitting all of my key points.

Final Design:



Brief:  “Combine two found objects to create a single item that presents the viewer with visual and conceptual contradictions.”

  • After many different choices, designed in the planning stages… I choose to go with the iSpatula.
  • I feel this was the right choice as it suited the brief buy meeting some of the extra requirements… Making people feel uncomfortable and amused.
  • The downside to this design is that, it is not as easy to create and could be costly.
  • However the upside, is that it may surprise because hopefully no one will have thought to use and actual device in their work.


Planning stages…



GoldFoam Form Study ‘DSS’

The Brief:

“Using white high density polystyrene (HDP) make no less than 15 different carefully executed ‘mass’ compositions from only rectilinear solids; use the foam cutter.”

Dominant – Subdominant – Subordinate

  • I used double sided tape as an adhesive to stick the blocks together.
  • I used the subordinate pieces in quite creative manners.
  • I occasionally used negative space, which help show a clear gap between the three sizes of blocks.
  • I get a very consistent camera angle, I did this the the models showed a clear sense of proportion.
  • Overall the models turned out well, and met the brief correctly.
  • Going forward I would have liked to have made my models a bit sharper and clearer.


GoldFoam Camera Model

  • This model was correct in meeting the brief, although could of had more experimentation to it.
  • Although the model is quite aesthetically pleasing, with its clean lines and sharp edges, It could have had a more exploration side to it.
  • As this camera looks very stereotypical .
  • Some improvements I will make going forward, Is more time spent cutting on the hot wire cutter.
  • And considering more ideas when it comes to very obvious products… “think outside of the subdominant box”.

Everyday Items Exercise

I choose two very simple household objects to measure up and comment on because I see them being quite common shapes around the house, therefore many more products could be applied to my comments…

I believe that both these products have designed around the main focus being Aesthetics, Like both products functionality is important too and that shows through the outer look of both products, they a both designed well and are pleasing to the eye but have also have a sole purpose.


About Kennedy.

My name is Kennedy Anderson,

I could go on that I have been into design since day one… That I came out holding and pencil and flash drive with a laser cutter file on it. But I didn’t…

I actually fell into design when I needed to choose another subject to fill up my timetable, and from then on I was infatuated with everything design.

A huge impact on my design aspirations is the company Apple – which I know sounds very common and ‘mainstream’ -but my desired goal is to work as a designer/advertiser for Apple inc. in New York. This company continues to amaze me everyday with their exquisite detailing that they plant into not only their product, but also everything else they design including posters and buildings. Their complex designs seem as if they come easy to them, and I want to be behind the process of this so called ‘complex’ design process. I want my designs to be in the palms of half the world and not only that, I want to be proud of that design.

For my final design project in secondry school I had to design a product, as technology design interests me greatly, I thought that it would be the most exciting route to go down. I was right and wrong – it was/is a project that I am incredibly proud of but also one of my toughest challenges to date. I designed and manufactured a Smart watch or ‘The Neo Watch’ if you will. Not only did I design one but by the end of the year I had three working prototypes that could relate to any target market put in front of me. I had the aesthetics perfect to meet any requirements, I had the ergonomics correct to fit any wrist and I had the financial sector down to a tee by offering three different price ranges for the three types of ‘Neo Watch’.

This was a project I was very passionate about and I would love to see my knowledge of product design grow and help me get to where I want to be. Achieve what I want to achieve. I want a line where people fight for a position at the front just waiting and waiting for the release of the NEW NEO.

Kennedy Anderson.