Design an ergonomically considered handle.

Key points:

  • Organic in character
  • A delight to use
  • A visual ‘asset’

Mood Board:




When going through my clay models I managed to refine down quite quickly what I was looking for, this was made a lot easier my referring over my key features…

The handle needed to feel great in my hand, it also had to look as if the shape was nature inspired and finally the handle had to be aesthetically pleasing.

This lead too creating my foam models which all had a raw base of those three features.


After careful consideration and lots of sourced input from users I have chosen to go forth with design number four. This design looked and felt the most organic out of all my designs and was less of a ‘block’ compared to the others as was pointed out to me.

After going through final tweaks on my design I decided to stick to the look and feel of design four, but stretched it out a small bit allowing the handle design to have a more elegant nature inspired feel, this way I was making sure I was hitting all of my key points.

Final Design:


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