The Brief:

“Using white high density polystyrene (HDP) make no less than 15 different carefully executed ‘mass’ compositions from only rectilinear solids; use the foam cutter.”

Dominant – Subdominant – Subordinate

  • I used double sided tape as an adhesive to stick the blocks together.
  • I used the subordinate pieces in quite creative manners.
  • I occasionally used negative space, which help show a clear gap between the three sizes of blocks.
  • I get a very consistent camera angle, I did this the the models showed a clear sense of proportion.
  • Overall the models turned out well, and met the brief correctly.
  • Going forward I would have liked to have made my models a bit sharper and clearer.


GoldFoam Camera Model

  • This model was correct in meeting the brief, although could of had more experimentation to it.
  • Although the model is quite aesthetically pleasing, with its clean lines and sharp edges, It could have had a more exploration side to it.
  • As this camera looks very stereotypical .
  • Some improvements I will make going forward, Is more time spent cutting on the hot wire cutter.
  • And considering more ideas when it comes to very obvious products… “think outside of the subdominant box”.

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